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 Information to taxi customers

In Finland, all taxi entrepreneurs can freely price their services. The customer should find out and compare the prices or pricing bases of different taxi entrepreneurs in advance, for example by browsing the taxi companies’ websites. The prices must also be displayed in the vehicles.

If the total fare for the trip is expected to exceed EUR 100, it must always be separately agreed upon with the customer.

The customer must always be provide with a receipt for the fare.

Unless otherwise agreed in advance, it must be possible to pay the taxi in cash, using a debit card or one of the commonly used credit cards.

A roof sign is not compulsory for taxis. If one is used, it must display the text Taksi or Taxi. The sign can be yellow with black text, or vice versa.

The taxis are only required to have a taxi meter or equivalent device when the pricing is based on distance, time or combination of the two. The taxi meter is not compulsory if the fare is always agreed before the trip.

Taxi services can be ordered directly from individual taxi entrepreneurs or from a company brokering taxi orders. You can also hail a free taxi on the road or take it from a taxi stand.

Taxi services can be searched by location from the TAKSIT.fi service.

Companies brokering taxi orders.

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