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Becoming a taxi entrepreneur

The taxi entrepreneur operates in a service business where the key is finding suitable solutions for the customers’ mobility needs. There are taxi companies of different sizes in Finland, most of them employing the entrepreneur and one or two other drivers. In other words, most entrepreneurs also drive a taxi in their companies.

Being a taxi entrepreneur is a combination of freedom and responsibility. At the same time, it provides a great opportunity to tailor the entrepreneurship in the desired way. The customers of taxi companies include private consumers, businesses and public sector entities, such as municipalities.

Operating as a taxi entrepreneur and a taxi driver requires a licence:

Even if the taxi entrepreneurs do not drive the taxi themselves, they still need a taxi licence granted by the Finnish Transport and Communications Agency Traficom. Furthermore, Traficom also has to be informed of goods traffic, if the intention is to also carry out only goods transports with the taxi.

If the taxi entrepreneurs drive the taxi themselves, they also need a taxi driver licence.

The taxi licence is granted for ten years at a time. Read about applying for the licence and the obligations of taxi companies here.

The licence can be granted to a private entrepreneur

  1. who is of age and legally competent;
  2. who is of good repute;
  3. whose licence referred to in the Act on Transport Services has not been withdrawn in the last year;
  4. where an entity in which he or she has control has not been declared bankrupt while they have been operating in a sector where a passenger, taxi or goods transport licence is required during the last two years;
  5. who has not neglected his or her obligations related to his or her taxes or statutory payments or does not have other debts that are not minor in view of his or her ability to pay;
  6. on whom a ban on business activities has not been imposed;
  7. who has not been sentenced by a final court decision for having failed to pay employment-based payments; and
  8. unless previous conduct by the applicant indicates that the applicant is manifestly unfit to operate as a taxi entrepreneur.

The licence can be granted to a company

  1. that is of good repute;
  2. whose licence referred to in the Act on Transport Services has not been withdrawn in the last year;
  3. that has not been declared bankrupt;
  1. where the person controlling the company does not have links to bankruptcy proceedings during the last two years that would indicate the person’s obvious unsuitability;
  1. that who neglected its obligations related to taxes or statutory payments or does not have other debts that are not minor in view of its ability to pay;
  2. whose managing director or general partner has not had a ban on business operations or a temporary ban on business operations imposed on them;
  3. no final court decision exists for failure to pay employment-based payments; and
  4. unless previous conduct indicates obvious unsuitability.

Furthermore, a taxi license can only be granted if the licence applicant has an effective and stable establishment in Finland, and the person appointed responsible for transport services by the licence applicant is of good repute. The managing director and general partners of the undertaking that applies for the licence shall also be of good repute.

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