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Take a taxi

Whether you are travelling alone or with a group, you can always trust a Finnish taxi. Vehicles are top quality and the drivers are professional. The rate is an average Western European level and is the same throughout the country. In Finland there are 9 500 taxis, half of which drive in cities and half in rural areas.


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Booked or by hailing

Taxi centres are found in the telephone directory under Taksi. You can also take a taxi by hailing or at taxi stands. When the taxi light is on, the cab is available. At airports, boat terminals, hotels and other service facilities you can request assistance from the staff.

Plenty of choices

Besides cars, taxi traffic also features 8-seat vans ordered in advance, taxis specialised in wheelchair transport, taxis equipped with ski racks or even stretchers, and limousines. When ordering a taxi, you can request for a taxi driver that speaks foreign languages. Taxis also perform courier service functions. Special requests are easier to satisfy when you book the taxi in advance.

Safely to your destination

Passengers in taxis must use seat belts.

Cash or credit card

Along with cash, taxi rides may usually be paid with credit cards and bank cards. A receipt is issued for the taxi ride, and the fee includes the value added tax. The taxi meter is switched on from the address where the passenger boards the taxi. The meter first shows the taxi trip's basic charge. If 1-2 persons traveling in daytime, a 5-kilometre trip costs about EUR 14, and a 10 km trip about EUR 22. The fees for larger taxi vans are the same as for normal cars.

Conveniently in groups

At airports, there are also taxis specialised in group transportation. These drive passengers from the airport to the city centre or other the way around according to a pre-announced per person price regardless of the trip's length.



For ordering a taxi, please contact the taxicentre near you.


Further information

The Finnish Taxi Owners Federation
Tel. +358 207 756 800,
Fax +358 207 756 819



Suomen Taksiliitto | Nuijamiestentie 7, 00400 Helsinki | Puh. 020 7756 800 | E-mail kontakti(at)taksiliitto.fi

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